Vintage Glam Waves

This is Melissa. She is my bestie. She is perfect. The End.

No but really, I had the honor of doing one of my best friends’ hair and makeup on the most important day of her life. When you’ve gotten your friends ready for dances, proms and countless nights out you’d think I’d be used to seeing them glammed up. But when I finished Melissa and she got in her dress and came out to show everyone my jaw dropped to the floor. She was exquisite. The vintage waves and super soft smudged smokey eye paired with her dress were just too dreamy for words. My favorite shots from Allison Conklin Photography are the ones with her dad.  Seeing Mr.Richter who is a seemingly a tough guy, wrestling coach , football loving, manly man get choked up at the site of her was seriously the sweetest thing and the moments were captured perfectly.

xo: @phillyhair


Gold Shimmery Eye Makeup

Well I already know you can tell Allyson is ridiculously pretty but let me explain why she looked so damn amazing on her wedding day…. she wasn’t afraid to really wear makeup. She told me I want to look glamorous, I want to have a full face of makeup and dramatic eyes but still look like me. Music to my ears. Sometimes brides are afraid to wear a little extra makeup on their wedding day in fear of not looking like themselves or not being used to wearing makeup like that every day. I always try and remind brides you also do not wear a wedding dress, jewels, a veil and carry a bouquet every day so it’s ok to slightly turn the volume up on your big day so your face goes with the rest of the grandeur!

For Allyson we did a gold super shimmery lid, warmth in her crease and smoked out her corner with black. I did liquid liner with a slight wing and a full set of thick false lashes. Her cheek and lip were kept rosy to complete the bridal glow. Her hair was stunning in a big curled looser bun with tendrils falling to frame her face.

Her makeup and hair were perfectly captured by Carly Vous Photography

xo @phillyhair

Smokey Eye & Waves

I absolutely loved Becky’s look for her wedding day. We did a charcoal smokey eye with lashes and a rosy lip.  Her hair was done in glamorous loose Hollywood waves. Jim at Hoffer Photography took these great photos.

xo : @phillyhair

How To Perfectly Cover Pimples


untitled (3)


Have you ever had a pimple start to develop and it’s not ready to be popped but you just can’t help but pick at it anyways? Then you end up with a monster mess on your face and don’t know what to do? Well that was me this week! I took a before and after only using my snapchat camera and no filters to show you how I was able to cover the mess I created on my forehead and cheek. Follow the 5 steps above for flawless coverage that will last all day!


Melissa was a super pretty bride and I loved her whole bridal party. She had lovely skin and we did a pink/peach and gold shimmer eyeshadow & lashes with a side swept bang and classic bun updo. The way that her husband is looking at her like she is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen just makes my heart melt.

Photos by BG Productions


xo @phillyhair

Side Updo

Here we have our gorgeous bride Taylor with a side swept, voluminous, textured updo. She, her mother and the bridal party were a stunning modelesque group. Taylor’s husband is on the US rowing team, as well as members of her bridal party and the rest rowed in college together so it was a really fun, beautiful and TALL group! These photos by A Muse Photography & Ashley West are perfect !


xo @phillyhair

Braided Updo


I can’t explain how fun it is to work with a photographer I love, a pretty model and the go ahead to ” do whatever you think will look good” with her hair and makeup. It’s pretty much a dream, and the outcome was perfect! Hoffer Photography and I collaborated to do this styled shoot for Ironstone Ranch. I did a French fishtail braided side updo and my sister Abby did her makeup with neutral eyes and a coral lip. Love x 1,000,000.


We Laugh We Love

Melody was just a gorgeous bride!!! She wanted a big updo with lots of volume on top. We kept her makeup simple, and bridal to go with her classic dress with illusion neckline. Her photographers We Laugh We Love did a great job capturing her day.


xo: @phillyhair

Take Two

I first met Nicole when she was a bridesmaid in her best friends wedding I was doing. We clicked but I was unfortunately booked for her wedding date. She started coming to me for haircuts and talked about doing an anniversary shoot in her wedding dress. She mentioned that the day of your wedding it goes by so fast and she felt they couldn’t enjoy the photography process and get everything she wanted with so much going on. For this shoot she asked for a more natural look to pair her denim shirt with her dress. I think the photos came out adorable, they look relaxed and so in love.



photos: Becka Pilmore

Tips For Your Trial

2015-09-30 12.14.24

A trial is the time when you can practice your wedding day look, make sure it’s exactly what you and leave with a layer of stress removed knowing you’ll love the way you look on the big day. Over the years I’ve come up with a few tips to make things go smoothly and to help you explain exactly what you want.

Find your inspiration– Make sure there’s a clear vision, hairstyles that look similar or have similar vibes ( ex: bohemian, sculpted, romantic) The more clear vision you have the better the appointment will go. If you are all over the board it’s harder to narrow down exactly what you want in the appointment.

Find photos that look similar to you: If you bring a makeup picture of a blonde with small blue eyes but you have large brown eyes the makeup is not going to look the same on you. Try and find pictures of girls with similar facial features and hair. If your hair is thin and short avoid looking at pics with thick long hairdo’s. Also the same updo will look different on a blonde and brunette.

Decide how dramatic or not you want to be: Try to find a picture of the exact amount of makeup you like. A lot of times you may like a picture of Kim K smokey eye but won’t like it on yourself or don’t want to wear that much makeup. There are so many photos on pinterest, look closely at the pics at the eyeshadow color , amount of liner, length of lashes, color on cheeks and make sure those things are what you want on yourself.

If you are unhappy say something: If you don’t like something or want to change something don’t be afraid to speak up. We want you to leave satisfied. So if you don’t like something don’t panic just try to explain what you want to change with detail and we will work until you are happy!

Bring your veil and hair piece. : If you already have your veil or head piece its always nice to bring it so you can see the whole thing come together!

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